Andie Monet

Business Optimization Expert

Helping business owners move from fear and confusion to clarity and confidence about making strategic business and financial decisions.

Just a Bit About Me


Ever since I could remember, I have always been passionate about wanting to make a positive difference in the world.

But at 16 years old, I found myself homeless when my single mother abandoned me. So I graduated high school, started college, and started my first business, all at the age of 16. There was a big learning curve to go from “not knowing much” to learning how to survive.

With a lot of determination, gratitude, and probably a bit of stubbornness, I was working at one of the biggest firms in the world by the time I was 20 years old, I was a business consultant in Hollywood by 25 years old, and working with foreign and domestic governments by the time I was 30.

One of the reasons that I love helping small businesses is because I want to be the support that I never had growing up. But I also see it as helping put food on the table, sending children to college, and helping people lead the life of their dreams.

I have two children. My daughter is an adult, named after a main character in Elfstones of Shannara. And my son is my “2nd firstborn”, who is named after a character in Star Wars.  I do triathlons and Spartan races for fun, but really mostly I believe that physical accomplishments are critical to problem-solving, overcoming emotional challenges, and just because it feels good to say “I did it”.

I’m currently working on creating a youth TEDx stage in my hometown, as well as a camp for youth leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills, during which there will also be personal development retreats for their parents. Click here to learn more.


Yes, I said it.  Love. Love. Love.
I believe that love is critical to life, but also to a business.  Love, in part, means respecting, listening, supporting, guiding, lifting people up, and empowering people to be a version of themselves that they may not see.  Sometimes people have to believe in someone else before they believe in themselves.  And I believe that people are amazing, powerful, brilliant, accomplished, successful, thriving individuals, even when they don’t see it themselves…YET.  And as we love each other, we give people the “food” to love others, be more patient, be more supportive and change our households, our relationships, our communities, and even the world.

What Makes Me Particularly Unique

My original degree is in engineering, physics, and a lot of calculus.  I’m a super nerd at heart!  But why I love these areas is because engineering is about designing something with specific resources and constraints and results, and physics is how things work.  Specifically “optimization”, is a mathematical term that defines a formula that finds the best solution that involves several variables, several constraints, and simultaneously wanting maximum of some items and minimum of other pieces.  So instead of “designing an airplane”, I optimize businesses that have constantly moving parts, people, processes, revenue opportunities, costs, and business strategies.  At the end of the day, I can double or triple profits without adding costs because I am maximizing your processes, people, I.T. infrastructure, products/services, automation opportunities, and sales channels, while strategically minimizing costs and time to accomplish a dramatically increased revenue stream.

Do You Experience These Challenges?

I’ve noticed that sometimes small business owners have self-limiting beliefs that are reflected in the myth that you must suffer and always be “in need” when you own a small business. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. Do you have any of these questions or challenges?


  As your business is growing, are you working more and more? Spending less and less time with your family?

  Have you taken your business as far as you know how? Are you looking for how to get to your next big growth level?

  Do you want to be less stressed and worried about what to do “tomorrow” with your business?

  Have you considered the transition from moving from a “small business owner” to a corporate executive in your own business?

  Do you want to learn how to run, manage and grow your business strategically, confidently, and with clarity?

Cropped view of a desktop with the hands of two businesswomen having a meeting in the office discussing a document

Why Work With Me?

One of the reasons that I love helping small businesses is because I want to be the support that I never had when I started and was growing my business. But I also see it as helping put food on the table, sending children to college, and helping people lead the life of their dreams.

Benefits of Optimizing Your Business

Better Sleep

Reach Your Goals

Less Stress

Financial Freedom

Boost Confidence

Business Growth

Strategic Decision Making