6 Pillars of Youth Success & Leadership

1.    Career/Entrepreneurship

2.    Money & Finances

3.    Leadership & Communication

4.    Household & Living

5.    Health & Fitness (emotional, physical, mental)

6.    Basic Emergencies & Safety


We create resources, camps, and activities for children aged 8 years old to 18 year old to give them skills before the time that they need them in life.


As our youth learn life and leadership skills at a younger age, not only are they prepared for life, have the tools necessary to be independent and successful, but also reduce the unnecessary, or even eliminate the challenges that can occur in young adulthood.  These are skills that will help them succeed in life beyond just academics.

Why this mission began

Over 30 years of my being a business consultant, being a parent of a now-adult daughter, currently a tween son, and mentoring young adults, I learned that many of our youth are not prepared for “everyday life”. Whether it’s finding a place to live, opening a bank account, understanding credit, basic investments, and many other skills that, I believe, we adults take for granted of having knowledge about.

I realized on my second child, that sharing this information is easier than I thought, more useful to learn earlier in life, and more importantly, more understandable at earlier ages (when explained well).

As I have a passion for making positive differences in the world, I thought: Why not create, share, and teach these to others who are interested! So I started this journey.

Here’s a picture of my son, who is now as tall as I am!